Tienda Nº1 RC Radiocontrol Profesional y Drones

Tienda Nº1 RC Radiocontrol Profesional y Drones

Yokomo BD11 Aluminum Chassis Competition Touring Car


Yokomo BD11 Chasis de aluminio Competición Touring Car

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The BD11 has been well received by users at test-ride events held throughout Japan, and many drivers, especially in the stock class, have commented that they feel it moves forward in corners, giving them an advantage in races under equal conditions. The image of winning the race has been enhanced.

The same aluminum chassis as the BD10LC, but with a lower center of gravity, which improves cornering speed and prevents high-sides. This specification creates advantages. Other than the main chassis, all other components are the same for the BD11, and the balance of chassis flex and ATF (Active Top Deck Flex), as well as the rigid graphite suspension arms, make this an exciting machine to look forward to.

mrtc bd11 04

The distinctive graphite high-rigidity long suspension arms are constructed with a hybrid of resin and aluminum parts to reduce chassis roll and improve cornering speed.

mrtc bd11a 04

The kit is equipped with the RTC (Rear Toe Control) system as standard. This system allows the driver to increase the turning speed while bringing out the acceleration of the vehicle as it exits a corner!

mrtc bd11a 02

The front shock tower has undergone a dramatic shape change. By separating the left and right sides, the front area is flexed for optimum feel. Parts to increase rigidity for driving on high-grip surfaces, etc., will also be released.

mrtc bd11a 03

The front double-joint universal has also been newly designed for improved precision and durability. The stabilizer is also installed under the suspension arms to promote a lower center of gravity.

mrtc bd11a 05

The upper deck has a new shape to match the chassis flex settings. The front side can be used with a stiffener, allowing the rigidity balance to be adjusted according to road conditions.

mrtc bd11a 06

The upper deck rear side is fixed by a post, but the roll is set to move flexibly while maintaining pitching rigidity through bearing retention and fine clearance adjustment.

mrtc bd11a 07

«Active top deck flex» The rear side of the upper deck has a flex structure with roller pin support with O-rings sandwiched in between. This maximizes chassis torsion for better rear traction.

mrtc bd11a 08

The front and rear shock absorbers also have newly designed shaft guides for even smoother operation.

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