Tienda Nº1 RC Radiocontrol Profesional y Drones

Tienda Nº1 RC Radiocontrol Profesional y Drones

Yokomo Racing Performer DX1 Type-R (High Rotation type) Motor 10.5T (Purple)


Yokomo Racing Performer DX1 Tipo -R (alta rotación tipo ) Motor 10.5T ( Púrpura )

Referencia: RPM-DX105RP

The DX1 Type-R motor, one of the most popular brushless motors for drifting, is now available in a new color anodized version! The two color variations are of course red anodized and purple anodized, which best match the YD-2 series, and of course, match the chassis perfectly. This is a must-have item for those who are particular about the chassis color.

The case design is the same as before, but even the back plate is anodized in color, which gives the chassis a much more gorgeous appearance when mounted on the chassis. The output characteristic is also a high-revving version of the popular Type-R, so the smooth launch and mild neutral braking that prevents understeer will give you the best performance on P-tile surfaces.


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